We work closely with our suppliers to adequately grow and maximise the sale of their products. In addition to our significant distribution services and our large and diverse customer base, we support our suppliers by helping to guide them through the various stages of introducing, and then developing the sales of their products to our customers. Whether large or small, we value all of our supplier relationships and provide them all with the best possible and most effective means of engaging and promoting their products to our clients.

If you are interested in becoming a new supplier, please fill out the information below.

Our Suppliers
We believe that the health food sector continues to offer opportunities to companies of all sizes who are developing some of the most innovative, beneficial and sustainably sourced and produced foods around. We work with suppliers large and small, and are committed to providing each and everyone of them with the optimum amount of support as they work to grow their business with our clients.
Our suppliers will soon have at their disposal state of the art technology which makes it possible for them to directly engage with our customers and promote their products. The catalogue also allows them to generate tailor made reports on their products' performances, and to measure the impact of their marketing and promotional efforts on sales.
New Suppliers
The health foods sector is probably one of the most dynamic and evolving marketplaces, and our retail clients are always looking to introduce new and differentiated product offerings to their customers. If you are a suppliers who does not currently work with us but who would like to present to us your products for listing consideration, please register on our e-catalog where you will be able to submit to us your products for feedback.

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