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Marigold's customers are at the core of our business. Our product offerings and services are an extension of their own requirements to grow and develop their businesses in an ever more challenging and dynamic health food sector. We measure our own success through our ability to positively contribute to and deliver for all of our customers, the competitive edge that they need and the outcomes that they are looking for.

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From smaller independent shops to large multiples our customer base is made up of a diversity of retailers, and we have developed this experience in servicing a variety of requirements into a comprehensive service and support initiative for all of our clients. We actively seek to share our market and systems knowledge with all of our customers and offer to them a professional service that is both effective and flexible.
Health food offerings in the foodservice sector have become a serious market proposition, and servicing this market has become an important part of our business. We now support a variety of restaurants, cafes, catering and other food service providers in their initiatives, and we have built a thorough understanding of their needs and requirements. Please contact us to find out more.
New lines have been critical in fuelling the growth and success of the health food sector. In this very dynamic and competitive marketplace we work closely with our customers to identify and introduce quality products that are both aspirational and relevant . We have been behind numerous successful product launches and are committed in our efforts to provide our clients with the value propositions and product offerings that they and their customers are looking for.
Later this summer, our customers will have at their disposal a state of the art electronic catalogue and ordering system which encompasses a variety of unique and useful functionalities. Some of these include: placing orders quickly and efficiently, improved merchandising through product ratings and reviews, better planning with product and category performance indicators, sourcing and suggesting new products and discussing products and trends with peers.
If you are thinking of becoming a Marigold customer please do contact us to learn more about how we can service your needs.

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